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Landscape Design & Consultation

Improve Your Property Value Through Landscape Design

Landscape design in East Texas has many challenges. Our climate is sometimes sweltering and humid, and we can also experience hard freezes. Understanding the yearly climate extremes and our unique soil profiles helps us choose plantings that will thrive. We specialize in thoughtful designs that complement your topography and architectural elements. We test the soil in each bed or planting area to understand how to augment them and choose the appropriate plantings for your palette. We will provide blueprint-style drawings of your property and the planned additions, whether they are hardscape-like sidewalks or soft elements like tall grass.

Our Landscaping Design Process

The initial step. In this step, you will meet with our landscape designer. Starting from the dirt up, each design is custom suited for your soil, light, and your vision of your new or existing flowerbeds. Ensuring the plants chosen will not only survive, but thrive in their new environment. If you are uncertain of what you want, that is what you have us for. Each drawing is uniquely designed and hand-rendered. We will have a follow-up appointment walking through your future oasis, in order for you to better envision and make any revisions needed. This is where you will see the process begins to come to life.

landscaping consultation

1. Consultation

Let’s meet. This is the initial site visit. Here are a few things that we will need you to think about prior: timeline, budget, scope of work, phase requirement and any general thoughts you have. Feel free to look at our pinterest board or save any pictures. This way we have an idea of what you have in mind and can let you know if it will work.

*Consultations start at $100/ hour with an hour minimum and include your design*

Landscaping Blueprint Creation

2. Blueprint

As simple as it sounds. We will print a blueprint of your property.

All the details, pictures, and measurements from the consultation will come into play here.

Landscaping Rendering

3. Hand Rendering

This is where the idea begins to come to life.

Hand Rendering allows you to envision what your outdoor area is about to become, before committing to construction.

Landscaping Walk Through

4. Walk Through

Typically about 3-4 weeks after the initial consult, we will meet again to walk through the design and estimate. If there are any revisions, additions, etc. this is the time we make those edits. Upon confirmation, we will get you on the schedule and set a tentative start date for landscape installation to begin.