Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance Services Tyler

Landscape Maintenance Services

The Step That Never Ends, but Keeps Your Outdoors Pristine.

At Happy Gardens Landscaping, we believe in keeping your outdoor gardens in excellent condition. Our comprehensive landscape maintenance services ensure that your garden stays beautiful all year round. From regular plant and shrub maintenance to seasonal planting, our team of experts will take care of every step, so you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor oasis. Schedule a FREE estimate today and let us keep your garden looking its best!

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services

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Plant and Shrub Maintenance

Plant and shrub maintenance would include trimming and pruning, soil analysis, and fertilizing as needed. We don’t just whack your valuable shrubs and plantings – we thoughtfully care for their shape and future growth opportunities. We want them to thrive within the scope of your landscape design and vision.

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Seasonal Planting

Seasonal Planting can make a garden pop. Vibrant displays of bright colors complimenting your luxury garden design are the pinnacle of garden aesthetics. Showing off the healthy blooming seasonal plantings can be the joy of any garden. Happy Garden knows which seasonal plantings will fit your landscape design.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and fertilization is a crucial part of any landscape maintenance plan. Average landscapers tend to neglect trees, which is quite a sore spot for our owner. We are arborists from a family of arborists. Every quality landscape design starts with tree care. Their shade and central landscape focus are joys for any yard.

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Mulch is imperative in East Texas. Mulching aids moisture retention throughout our dreadful summers and provides insulation during our frigid winters. Along with numerous other benefits, there are some negatives if not done correctly. Mulch is your best friend, but too much, not enough, or the wrong kind can kill your valuable plants.

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Our super secret organic formula of fertilizer is called Hippy Juice. Brewed in-house, we have spent years of research perfecting this fertilizer for the East Texas landscape market. Formulated with organic amendments, it sports 1,000,000,000 colony-forming units per psi; this juice will aid your plants in protecting against drought, diseases and will help promote enzyme growth. Our Hippy Juice is the magic that helps our plants thrive.

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Winterization or winterizing is one of the most overlooked aspects of landscape maintenance. Even though we often avoid hard freezes, your plants will perform better and be healthier if appropriately winterized. Not every plant requires this service. We are happy to walk you through which ones will benefit. You will quickly see the difference in the spring as your garden surpasses your neighbors.

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Garden Diseases

Garden Disease Diagnosis and therapy is one of our specialties. If you have some sick plants or areas of your yard that routinely underproduce, we can find the solution and implement any necessary changes. A healthy, happy garden is always our goal. Please call us before the disease spreads.

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Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing is a chore. Let us make it easy for you. We will be happy to manage any size pile of brush. We can clear that scary back corner of your property where no one goes. We can even turn it into an attractive asset to your landscape design. If you need brush cleared from your home in East Texas – we are here to help you.